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Morning light over Taal Lake as seen from the Tagaytay Ride. Taal lake is a huge volcanic crater, with an island in it which has a crater with a lake... Hobie cat sailing the amihan winds in Balayan Bay. Pink kalasutsi (frangipani) flowers are beautiful -and they smell good too! Sandy beach on Sombrero Island. Tamarind Beach in Barangay Ligaya. Sunny day at Tamarind Beach - Tagaytay Ridge in the far end. Beach near Sepoc Point at Maricaban Island. Dolphins jumping in Balayan Bay - a fairly common sight although they compete with the local fishermen for the same declining schools of yellowfin and gulyasan. King Fisher banka landed on one of the beaches at Maricaban Island's southern coast. Fire tree in Barangay Solo in Anilao. Moored bankas in Balayan Bay. The veranda at Tamarind Beach. The main house at Tamarind Beach. Dark clouds over Sombrero Island. Greens hills along the trek from Barangay Ligaya to Mount Panay. View from Mount Panay. Evening sky over Balayan Bay towards Calatagan. The sun sets in Barangay Ligaya. By winter solstice, as in this picture, the sun sinks in its leftmost position (as seen from Anilao) behind Mount Kalawite, the northmost tip of Mindoro. As winter turns into summer the sunset turns right, and by mid summer the sun sets east of Calatagan's Cape Santiago. The day's last ray's colors the sky purple over Mount Kalawite in Mindoro. Mount Batulao at the western end of Tagaytay Ridge is a steep and interesting climb. Tayabas church with Christmas parols. Quezon landscape with purple sky (the photo is old and of low quality, but it somehow reminds me of an Amorsolo painting). Subic Bay as seen from the former US military base. Passenger banka heading for Sabang in Puerto Galera. The central lagoon in Puerto Galera Big Lalaguna beach in Puerto Galera. Makak monkey in Puerto Galera. Fresh seafood grilled on the beach. A cold San Miguel Beer at Point's Bar in Big Lalaguna. Mount Kalawite - Mindoro's northern point. Roxas Boulevard in Manila, as seen from the Harbour View restaurant. Mountains near Baguio. Kennon road - the southern approach to Baguio. From the mountain road from Aritao - Baguio's eastern approach. Cordilleras mountains. Rice terraces in Banawe. Sagada in the Mountain province. Pine trees in Sagada. Sandy beach in Bauang south of San Fernando. Spanish architecture in Vigan, Ilocos Sur. Dingras church in Ilocos Norte. Sierra Madre as seen from the Cabanatuan to Baler road. The spectacular beach outside Baler in Aurora province. Palms at Baler beach. Sunset over Central Luzon. Jens Hintze Holm