This site has no theme other than being a repository for good memories from the Philippines. Since I no longer live there and, at least for the time being have little available time to visit, new things will be added only when I discover interesting things in materials which I have stowed away in cabinets and boxes. However, you might find regular additions of interesting things on the sites referred to in the links.

The islands and mountains gallery is a nature lover's memories of islands, beaches, blue seas and green mountains.

The Baguio and Northern Luzon section includes a complete copy of the 1916 publication by Thos. Cook & Son Baguio and Northern Luzon, which gives a very interesting insight into Baguio and Northern Luzon just after the turn of the 20th century - from a tourist traveler's point of view. Also included are pictures from travels in Northern Luzon.

Around Mindoro on Bike is travel log from a motorcycle ride around Mindoro, that is, from Anilio, Batangas to Puerto Galera down south to San Jose, up north along the western coast to Mamburao and Abra de Ilog, and then back again to Anilao.

Anilao and Tamarind Beach is mainly a pictorial tribute to Anilao, which I have enjoyed since the first time I came there in 1985.